Now Running Octopress

As my friends are aware, I love Ruby [1]. I was, and still am, hungry to write more of it. Shortly after putting up my wimpy Rails app for blogging, I had a feeling that it wasn’t going to work that well. I realized I mainly wrote the app to create something in Rails and deploy it on Heroku. Fun, but not a long term solution. I got discouraged and stopped failed to start blogging in hopes to build a system I would use.

Still trying to feed my Ruby appetite, I decided to use Sinatra to make a super simple app that would serve my static Markdown files. But somewhere in between graduating and moving across the country, I lost track of that project and its source code. I also learned about Jekyll, which did everything I wanted my app to do and more. I got discouraged again.

Today I learned about Octopress, a Sinatra based framework that utilizes Jekyll. Described as an, “obsessively designed framework”, I was delighted to find that it’s almost exactly what I wanted to build myself. And since it’s a Rack app, it plays nice with pow, another tool I’ve been looking for a reason to use. So, shout out to Brandon Mathis and the Octopress contributors for making a great tool!

[1] They’ll also tell you that I have attention deficit disorder when it comes to learning and using new programming languages.